Lackluster “Amazing Race” Rochester Auditions Prompt Show to Rebrand Show as “Pretty Good Race”

Rochester, NY – On Wednesday, May 15, producers for CBS hit “The Amazing Race” held auditions at Rochester’s Lilac Festival.

After sitting through the auditions, CBS casting agents have decided to rebrand the popular series as “The Pretty Good Race.”

“Based on the auditions we saw today, we thought “Pretty Good Race” would be more appropriate,” said a CBS official who prefers to remain anonymous.

The casting call stated that “Candidates should be strong-willed, outgoing, adventurous, in excellent physical and mental health, and adaptable to new lifestyles and personalities.”

The unnamed official said, “Based on the turnout, we’re looking more at a show that features tubby, stodgy hipsters with seasonal affective disorder.”

Rumor has it that the tasks in the updated show will include parallel parking, figuring out which location your friend means when he says “the Hots place,” and bicycling amidst pedestrians who are yelling at you.

“We think it will be a show that really speaks to this generation,” the CBS representative posited. “Or, I don’t know, is anyone else like this? God, is this what we’ve become?”

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