Xerox Intern Fired for Adding Women’s Underwear in Vending Machines to “Welcome Fujifilm Owners”

Rochester, NY – In an attempt to curry favor with new management and possibly turn his Fall Internship into a full-time paid position, Jeremiah Hoffstetter took it upon himself to “Welcome the new Fujifilm owners” to Rochester. But unfortunately for Jeremiah, he took it too far.

While the person who was in charge of stocking the breakroom vending machine was inserting some new packs of Fritos, Jeremiah convinced them to include some “homemade” packs of worn women’s underwear into the machine.

After being caught red-panty-handed via security camera, Jeremiah was promptly reprimanded, stripped of his Xerox credentials, and escorted out of the building.

“I studied abroad in Tokyo last semester. I thought this was a big part of the Japanese culture,” Jeremiah Hoffstetter told The Inner Loop in an exclusive interview. “Did you know there are also machine’s with worn women’s shoes too? I just wanted them to know we GET IT you know…”

Xerox executives say they’re embarrassed over the incident and plan to make it up to their new Fujifilm owners by throwing a “traditional Japanese party” which will include sake, sushi, and “something called hentai?”

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