Xerox Merges With FugeesFilm, Announce Wyclef Jean & Lauryn Hill As Dual CEOs

ROCHESTER, NY – While other “news” sources are talking about the $6.1 billion deal Fujifilm cut with Xerox Corp to take it over, The Inner Loop has received insider information the former Rochester giant will also be merging with lesser known company FugeesFilm.

Xerox believes this move to partner with Fuji and The Fugees will not only help them expand into the Asian-Pacific Market but also into the lucrative early 90s hip-hop music fan base.

Wycelf Jean and Lauryn Hill will lead the transition of the new Fugees Xerox joint venture. What will the business be doing? Making copies of “fire” mix tapes. “Xerox knows copies and we know music,” said new CEO Lauryn Hill. “It’s a perfect relationship!”

The new venture will have odd office hours because the other new CEO Wycelf Jean “can’t work a 9 to 5.” Rochester looks forward to it’s official start date sometime in November since Wycelf will be “gone till” then while learning business strategies. In the meantime, he invites all new Xerox co-workers to “give a kiss to my motha.”


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