RG&E’s New Smart Meter Will Charge You for Rochester, MN Electricity Too

Rochester, NY – RG&E executives hosted a press conference to promote their new smart meter installation initiative.

“RG&E is dedicated to meeting the energy needs of our customers and giving them the best value for their electricity use,” the spokesperson told the Blog, “that is why our new smart meters will make sure you pay not just for the electricity you use in Rochester, NY but Rochester, MN as well.”

The smart meter is not designed to save you money, it is designed to make sure you pay as much as possible by incorporating the electricity use of every Rochester that exists.

“Now it is Rochester, MN but next will be Rochester, New Hampshire, then Rochester, Illinois… Texas… Canada… the UK… and soon, you will be paying for electricity use from every Rochester across the entire world!” The executive laughed maniacally until he was pulled away by his staff.

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