Unemployed Western NY Man Pauses Job Search To Post “Fire Sean McDermott” Online

Buffalo, NY – In an unprecedented display of priorities, local Western New York man, Dave Couchman, has reportedly decided to take a break from his job search to focus on the crucial task of posting “Fire Sean McDermott” online.

Mr. Couchman, who hasn’t held a steady job since before Josh Allen was drafted, wants the Bills’ head coach Sean McDermott to “join me on EBT.”

“I’ve sent out like five resumes this month, and no one’s called me back,” lamented Couchman. “But you know what? I am confident I can fix my life. I know that McDermott can’t fix the Bills.”

Couchman’s ex-wife Barbara told The Innerloop Blof that if he “put as much effort into job searching as he does into those online rants, he’d have a paycheck by now.”

Mr. Couchman had a job interview last week but was asked to leave after being asked ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ He responded “probably rooting for the mo***r fu****g Dolphins at this rate” and launched into a 20-minute tirade about Sean McDermott and Ken Dorsey.

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