Danny Wegman’s Kids Still Upset That They Rank Second to a Sub Sandwich

Apparently the heir to the Wegman’s fortune are still not pleased with their father Danny, who has made it clear that neither she or his grandchildren are his favorite, as all of them rank substantially below a mid tier deli meat sub sandwich.

“Capicola has done more for me than those damn kids ever have and I’ll be damned if I turn my back on it” Said Danny Wegman as he sat and tried in vein to convince his lawyer to add the famed sandwich into his will as the sole beneficiary.

The kids have doused themselves in sub oil many times before in a desperate attempt to connect with the Wegmans Patriarch, but to no avail.

“He sees right through us. There is no fooling him. Say what you want about my father but he can tell the difference between his human child and a submarine sandwich 80% of the time. He’s that damn good.” Said his daughter, wiping away her tears with two loaves of ciabatta.

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