Webster Man Who Spent $3000 on Trump Merch Starting to Think His Money Could Have Been Put to Better Use

Webster, NY – Lon Lemke was really hoping beyond hope that New Yorkers wouldn’t be “cucks” again this year and actually vote Republican for President.

“I really thought that these libtards would notice how great their life has been over the past four years and give this president, the greatest president we’ve ever had, another term,” says Lemke. “But once again, these Dummy-craps showed their true colors!”

Lemke estimates that he has spent close to $3000 on flags, hats, clothes, and other Trump decals to show off how much of a fan he is of the president. But now he’s worried that maybe all the money he spent getting his boat painted with ‘F*** Your Feelings! Four More Years!’ is money that could have been put to better use with his family.

He did note that he does have a daughter that has lost her job because of the ravaged economy and a brother that is currently in the hospital dying from COVID. When we asked him if all that merch money could have help them in their rough times, he stopped, look a bit shocked, but than told us to “go eat Obama’s butt” and showed us a purchase order from a Chinese wholesaler for ‘TRUMP 2024’ flags.

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