Spikes Charged After Regurgitating on Officer at Reopen Rochester Protest

Rochester, NY – Demonstrators gathered in downtown Rochester this past weekend to demand that all businesses closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic be allowed to reopen.

The quiet protest was abruptly interrupted when Spikes, the mascot for the Rochester Red Wings, arrived and started shouting obscenities about the government while energetically waving a sign reading, “GIVE ME BASEBALL OR GIVE ME DEATH!”

“Initially, I was excited to have his support but then Spikes started squawking in everyone’s face,” one protest organizer told the blog, “I was worried he might have bird flu.”

Police monitoring the situation jumped into action to try and calm the large bird mascot but Spikes began to aggressively flap his wings and call the approaching officers fascists.

When officers tried to subdue him, Spikes began regurgitating half-eaten garbage plate and beer on top of them.

Spikes is charged with harassment and assaulting an officer. He is being held in the county jail without bail.

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