Zweigle’s Pivots to Making Face Masks out of Spare Hot Dog Casings

Rochester, NY – It’s clear that the need for face masks is on the rise and more and more companies are answering the call. In a shocking move this past week, Rochester staple and Quality Meat manufacturer since 1880 announced that it too would be joining the ranks and making face coverings.

‘Yeah, I figured why not us too?, a representative for Zweigle’s told The Inner Loop Blog. ‘We got all these extra meat casings laying around, might as well put em’ to good use.’ Production has already started and will arrive in ‘red hot,’ ‘white hot’ and of course everyone’s favorite ‘kielbasa’

‘How’d I come up with the idea? I mean it’s a silly story… alright alright. Well there we were on the line, doing our thing, making hot dogs, however we do that, and all of a sudden, out of no where, a real nice flap of meat casing lands right on my face. Frank starts pointing at me all wild-like and bingo, ya got hot dog face masks.

The face masks will not only be protective but edible as well. ‘Ya know, just in case all this social distancing makes ya snacky.’

Check for the masks to hit your local grocery store in early May.


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