Kodak Announces New Business Strategy to Fall Back Into Bankruptcy

Rochester, NY- Last Tuesday, Kodak executives rang in the new year by hosting a press conference to announce their new business strategy that will allow the company to fall back into bankruptcy. 

“Kodak has come a long way since first filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2012,” a spokesperson for the company said, “we believe that it is time for us to do it again.”

In it’s heyday, the Kodak brand was globally recognized and the company spent years dominating the photographic film business. Then the company decided it would be best to just f*** it all up.

“We know this will come as a surprise to many,” the spokesperson said, “but we feel that bankruptcy gives us the best opportunity to move forward and lay off as many employees as possible.”

Details of the plan are said to promote the complacency of Kodak’s executives while reinforcing their ignorance and failure to adapt in the face of technological change.

“Kodak?” local resident, Peter Smith, said when asked about the company’s new strategy, “I do not even know what that is.”

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