Former Judge Astacio Partners With Finger Lakes Vineyard on New “Prison Wine” Blend

Finger Lakes, NY – Former judge Leticia Astacio isn’t letting being sentenced back to jail for violating probation stop her from living her best life.

A new winery in the Finger Lakes has announced a partnership with the disgraced City Court judge for a brand new line of “Prison Wine.”

“While wine is usually fermented in barrels, we’re using some techniques Leticia picked up in jail to make this new batch of wines,” says head winemaker Darby Peirce. “The grapes are crushed by hand and left in a toilet with some sugar and yeast until it’s ready for drinking.” The yeast, in this case, is a piece of stale white bread that can be found in any prison commissary.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to try the wine so we can not give you a full review but we can offer its description according to the label:

“Astacio is a semi-sweet red table wine that opens with a sweet sangria-style taste and finishes with a toilet tang. It pairs perfectly with sloppy joes, sad eggs, and mystery meat. You’ll be trading cigarettes for a glass of this bad boy in no time!”

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