Dinosaur BBQ Busted Experimenting with Cloned Triceratops Meat

Rochester, NY – This morning the U.S. Food and Drug Administration raided Dinosaur Bar-B-Que after receiving multiple reports that they were experimenting with unsafe meat.

The Inner Loop received the following statement from the FDA in regards to the situation:

“After a thorough examination of the confiscated meat, it appears as though the operators of the BBQ business have been experimenting with cloning. More specifically they have been cloning the meat of Dinosaurs.”

It would appear that The Dinosaur bought a Triceratops’ horn from the Dark Web and used it’s DNA to recreate the meat of the extinct herbivore.

“Cloning is a smelly business. It’s not an exact science so there are a lot of mistakes that happen and need to be cleaned up. By that, I mean lots of slaughtering of abominations and of course incinerating the evidence.  We believe that they were using the delicious BBQ smell to mask this horrid cloning by-product” says FDA Agent Tommard Garlarn,

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