OJ Simpson To Be Removed From Bills Wall Of Fame, Replaced With Arthur Shawcross

Buffalo, NY- In what many are calling a move that is long overdue, the Buffalo Bills will remove former star running back OJ Simpson’s name from New Era Field’s Wall Of Fame. Simpson, known as the “Juice” during his playing days, will be replaced by famous serial killer Arthur Shawcross, who was known as “The Genesee River Killer.”

Bills fans are excited about the change, Rochester resident Cal Roberts told us “This is great! In ’92 they added the Twelth Man, now they’re adding a Flower City guy!”

“It just makes sense,” said Buffalo bartender Grant “Sketch” Polanski. “OJ killed like what, two people that we know about? Arty put up double digits and he wasn’t in nearly half the shape Juice was.”

Bills brass said the move could happen as soon as next week, but there is some debate as to what number to assign Shawcross. Eleven would be appropriate as it would match his number of kills, but it’s considered unlucky as it was Scott Norwood’s number. Double Zero’s is another option but it’s unlikely that Mascot Billy Buffalo would give up his number without compensation.

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