4 Places to Tailgate near New Era Field Without the Pressures of Being a Decent Human Being

ORCHARD PARK, NY – Attention Bills fans in need of a place to drink to excess and fulfill the need to hurl themselves into furniture from the roof of a bus.

With the ban on bus and limo tailgating going into effect this year, you still have plenty of locations available where you can disregard your personal safety for the sake of potentially being the subject of a Barstool Instagram story.

  • The Lot Behind KMart

An obvious choice for the convenience of being near the stadium and for the Sunday sale on card stock tables. You and your buddies can go hambone on Labatt and pirogies or whatever you animals eat.

  • The Hammers Lot

This is a very popular location for Bills fans who may or may not even have tickets to the game but you better believe they have a cornhole game going that will end in several shotgun races that will result in passing out in a bowl of Herr’s chips before halftime.

  • The Grass Lot on the Southwest side of the stadium

This is the lot people go to blackout. Check Reddit to fact check that one.

  • Your backyard

Obviously not going to be nearby to the stadium unless you’re one of those entrepreneurial nearby homeowners renting out their yards like the worlds most white trash parking lot, but it has its perks. For one your family is probably inside to call 911 when you slip on the roof and shatter your femur on the concrete patio. And your risk for another DWI is almost zero and your friends can crash on the trampoline after the Bills lose 37-9.

Go Bills and get help for your addictions 🙂

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