Restaurant Good Luck To Offer Special Burger Made From Pregnant Cows

Rochester, NY- This Mothers Day a local eatery known for it’s luxurious take on a hamburger will take one or two steps further with a patty made from pregnant cows. The executive chef came up with the idea when he was catching up on Game of Thrones in time for the final season at the insistance of his family and friends, and caught the “Red Wedding” episode. A particularly gruesome moment in one of the shows most memorable moments drove him to inspiration.

“It’s really hard to keep up with anything in life when you’re working every day trying to keep a restaurant going, and people seriously give you shit about not keeping up with a TV show. It’s ridiculous.” Said Chef Ben Hawkey, who’s creative take on classic dishes has driven the restaurant to commercial success, as well as critical acclaim. “Like it’s a good TV show and everything, but I have a lot going on, I had a kid last year for cryin’ out loud. Don’t tell that to my sister though, she won’t leave me alone about the Dragon Lady and The Other Guy or whatever. I finally sat down and watched it just to get her to shut the fuck up about it.”

The burger will only be avaible as part of a Prix Fixe menu that will include a salad course and local fingerling potatoes. Reservations must be made in advance as the special is expected to sell out.

When a PETA spokesperson reached out to comment that slaughter of pregnant cows actually happens more often than one might think the spokesperson was reminded that no one listens to PETA.

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