Hipster Bees Skipping Lilac Fest for Apple Blossom Fest

WILLIAMSON, NY – You won’t hear as much buzzing on your walk through Highland Park this weekend as Lilac Fest ramps up.

Local bees are heading east out to Williamson for this year’s Apple Blossom Festival as they’re tired of the crowds and lilacs are just “so last season” as one bee we talked to in its bee language, which you probably haven’t heard about, told us.

“I mean lilacs are adorable, great if you’re an old ass bumble bee just trying to live out your remaining hours. But Apple blossoms are that undiscovered indie flower nobody is talking about. That’s where you’ll find us this year, well if you even know where to find Williamson”

Apple Blossom Festival producers are excited about the bees making their way out to their yearly celebration. “I mean it’s pretty cool that anyone would come out this way for any reason. Aside from the Festival our biggest attraction is probably the water tower.” Said Brad Breen of Breens Grocery, this year’s lone sponsor of the festival with a donation of a foot long sub and $20 gift card to Breens.

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