Man Kicked Out of Movies 10 for Wearing BLACK panther FACE

ROCHESTER NY – A man had to be removed from a movie theater during the first screening of the new Marvel Black Panther movie in Rochester due to cosplaying.

Black Panther will be released in theaters nationwide tomorrow but in typical Marvel fashion, some theaters were allowed to have exclusive screenings today.

Movies 10’s exclusive early screening sold out in less than 15 minutes back in January. One of the fanboys that was lucky to get a ticket before they were gone was Thomas Greenfeld from Greece.

“I have been a huge Black Panther fan since he first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 in 1966!” Greenfeld told The Innerloop Blog.

The 62-year-old Rochester native bought a ticket-for-one just 5 minutes after the tickets went on sale online. A half hour later he was hard at work getting his cosplay ready.

“I knew a lot of fans would be showing up to the screening in costume and I wanted to stand out so I decided to study the art of makeup. I focused in on Japanese girls Youtube channels because I have an Asian fetish… [stammering]… I mean… I found them to be the most helpful. You won’t include the Asian fetish thing right?” continued noted Asian fetishist Tom Greenfeld.

Unfortunately for Mr. Greenfeld, none of the Japanese Makeup Vlogs hef requested must have included that it’s frowned upon in America for caucasian males apply Black makeup all over their face. [For More Info on Why See: Minstrel Shows Wikipedia Page, Ted Danson Blackface Google Image Search, and the 1986 movie “Soul Man”]

After months of working on his Black Panther makeup, it was finally movie day, so Tom applied his face, and headed to Movies 10 for the showing.

Tom was greeted with several “aww hell naw” and “you gotta be shi*ing” me’s. Tom took these as compliments as if the audience preparing to see the movie was impressed with his cosplay. They were not.

After several complaints to theater staff, Mr. Greenfeld was removed from the theater, given a ticket to another show, and told to dress appropriately next time.

Tom believing that people were upset by how realistic his makeup was is planning to switch things up and dress up to look like the star of the movie Chadwick Boseman.

The Innerloop will post calling hours for Mr. Greenfeld soon as we’re sure this will be his last living act.

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