Local Participates in Woman’s March, Still Locks Doors Whenever a Person of Color Passes Her House

Rochester, NY-Mary Starbrook is a stand up citizen: she participates in local government, votes on local elections, and is an active member of the community. However, something still seems to bother her. Whenever a person of color passes her house, she compulsively locks the door.

“Honestly it’s not by choice” says Mary, fidgeting with the several locks on her door, “I just think that the safety of my family is important”

Mary takes great care in talking with her community- from Honeoye Falls- Lima, where her children are enrolled at school. The mostly white community she says “has a great public school system that gives my children a better opportunity than those of the inner city” she states, shaking her head while saying so.

Like many Rochestarians, Mary was looking forward to the woman’s march, to voice her disapproval of the Trump presidency and provide solidarity to her fellow community members, so long as those community members were white middle to upper class liberals in the Rochester area.

“That’s not true, I have written a very strong letter praising the Black Lives Matter movement,” Mary said when interviewed. “It’s just that their meeting are so late at night and always talk about Martin Luther Prince- oh, I can never remember his name- but they just go on and on and- well obviously I need to drive my kids to school in the morning”

When asked to specify what she was protesting, Mary stated “well, liberty for everyone!” While cutting a person of color in line at Wegman’s.

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