‘8 Mile’ Adaptation About Webster/Penfield Soundcloud Rapper Coming Soon

Hollywood, CA – According to Innerloop sources in Los Angeles an adaptation of Eminem’s “8 Mile” is in the works at one of the big streaming services… but with a twist. They’re updating the story and taking it from the mean streets of Detroit to the clean streets of the Rochester suburbs.

“5 Mile” is said to star Webster’s own Chris Perfetti as an upcoming SoundCloud rapper raised right on the border of Webster and Penfield on Five Mile Line Road. Going by the rap name “G Retriever” the main character struggles with living between two different worlds.

“He’s got a MAGA-loving Dad from Webster and he’s got a Target shopping addict mother from Penfield,” said writer Collin Stiles. “He has to balance school with his Twitch streaming life while figuring out how to keep the peace between his friends that shop at the Penfield Road Wegmans and others that shop at the Holt Road Wegmans.”

We have reached out to Eminem for a comment but have not received word from his people. We have however received many messages from the actor who played Cheddar Bob in the 2002 film asking if we could spot him $20.

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