Local Man Changes Pronouns From “We” to “They” When Referring to the Buffalo Bills

Rochester, NY – Western NY is still dealing with the trauma of the Buffalo Bills loss against the Cincinnati Bengals, and some #BillsMafia members are taking it harder than others.

Since the beginning of the season, Ralph Wendle from Rochester has spoken about the Bills as if he were a part of them. He could be heard in his office saying “we’re going to win it all this year” or “we crushed them on Sunday.” But since the Bills got knocked out of the playoffs he has made a choice to change his football pronouns to “they.” As in, “they f***ing suck again” or “I can’t believe they s*** the bed like that” and “they cost me a f***-ton of money.”

We spoke to a local mental health expert who recommended we stop making all this dumb content for The Innerloop Blog but also told us that Mr. Wendle’s story isn’t uncommon.

“It’s called bipolar fandom dysphoria. When the team is doing well, they feel like they’re a part of it and actually contributing to the losses even though all they’re doing is drinking heavily on a Sunday afternoon. But when the team is struggling, they disassociate from the team and refer to them in the third-person point of view.  In some extreme cases, they may even feel like they identify as a fan of another team.”

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