Gun Buyback Event Sets Records After City Offers Eggs for Illegal Firearms

Rochester, NY – “We’ve offered gift cards before but nothing has worked like this,” said Officer Darrell Peterson.

In an effort to keep guns off the streets of Rochester the city has offered chances for people to turn in weapons, no questions asked, in exchange for money. These Gun Buyback events have been sparsely attended in the past but that all changed today after they switched from offering cash to handing out produce. More specifically one egg per gun.

“It was insane that they thought $50 was enough for me to turn in my guns,” said one anonymous man we spoke to carrying a dozen eggs outside the event. “Now that they’ve got something that’s good, I’ll be back!”

The Rochester Police Department estimates that 95% of the weapons turned in came from drug dealers who are transitioning into chicken farmers.

“We’re going from slinging rocks to selling yolks,” said one former gang member. “Drug money is good but that egg money is like generational wealth.”

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