East Rochester Man Pursues Comedy Dream By Commenting “Let’s Go Brandon” Below Every D&C Article 

East Rochester, NY – Don Frost always had dreams of being a comedian. He assumed they weren’t feasible because nobody would laugh at any of his jokes, so he decided to get into property management instead. However, after losing his job and marriage due to photos emerging of him exposing his genitals at the January 6th Capitol riots, Don has renewed hope. He has taken his comedy game in a new direction.

“It’s funny, because what I’m really saying is “F*ck Joe Biden,” Don said of his fresh new bit where he comments “Let’s go Brandon” below literally every article posted by the Democrat & Chronicle. “But only smart people know that. Yesterday one of my comments got two laugh reactions – one from a guy with an eagle wearing an American flag thong as his default pic, and one from a guy standing next to a deer he just killed with an AK-47, and I thought “these are my people right here.””

At press time, Don is waiting for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to respond to his “You up?” DM.

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