Man Uses Spirit Medium To Ask Billy Fuccillo What The Best Interest Rate Is On A 2012 Honda Accord

A local man utilized the help of a spirt medium to make direct contact with recently deceased former car salesman Billy Fuccillo this past Friday in an attempt to ascertain the best possible interest rate one could hope for for a 2012 Honda Accord.

It is said that the medium first used a Ouija board to make contact.

“I knew we had located the spirit when the board spelled out one simple word. “HYUUUUGE”” Said the medium, in between hits of her clove cigarette.

When asked if Fuccillo had any messages for his friends and family the local man told us that he did not, and that his only other message was “anything between 3-10 percent would be a pretty good deal.” while the lights in the room flickered.

“I got chills up and down my back and the temperature in the room dropped 10 degrees at the mere mention of Tom. Thats when I knew that we must be in contact with the main man himself.”

The medium has requested that customers stop asking her to reach out to old local commercial personalities. 50% of her customer base has been said to try to reach out to Jim The Hammer Shapiro despite the fact that he is still very much alive.

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