SUNY Oswego To Allow Taking The Covid Vaccine To Be A Science Elective

Oswego, NY – In an effort to get all students vaccinated by the start of the Fall 2021 Semester, SUNY Oswego has announced that merely getting the vaccine will count as a science elective. A statement from the SUNY Oswego Admissions Office clarified that most students would have just taken an “Easy A” course anyway.

“Let’s be honest, it’s harder for students to be in a 100-level science course than to just have the science in the students,” the statement read. “This will save time for both the students and the poor saps originally assigned to instruct them.”

All students would need to do to qualify is to present their vaccination card to the SUNY Oswego Admissions Office. However, this does raise the fear that students could simply forge a fake vaccination card, as it is important to note that people in Oswego have a hard time discerning fake identification cards in the first place.

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