Microbrewery in Bloomfield to Open a Smaller Microbrewery Inside

Bloomfield, NY – The microbrewery The Country Sip in Bloomfield has announced plans for the opening of a new brewery. While community members expected this to mean a second location was to open, The Country Sip specified that they meant a new microbrewery would be opened in the same building. The new bar, The Little Sipper, is to have its grand opening in July.

“While we have had continued success in the area,” the Owner of The Country Sip, Waylon Milton said, “we realized that we had different, more specific brews that you just don’t see in your average, locally-owned, non-corporate breweries.”

To differentiate itself from the competition, The Little Sipper is to serve “the best of both worlds,” by blending microbrews with classic beer. A sneak preview of the menu on the company’s website boasts drinks such as the “Blackberry Miller Lite IPA,” “Rolling Rock Sour Apple,” and the “Bud Lite Lime Limeade.”

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