Regardless of Bills’ Bye Week, Area Man Habitually Gets Drunk Around Noon and Yells at Television

Rochester, NY – As the NFL season enters Week 11, the Buffalo Bills have a bye week with no game scheduled. That hasn’t stopped John Dobbins of Fairport from continuing his tradition of downing a case of Coors (the banquet beer) and yelling at the television. The Inner Loop blog was able to speak with John’s wife Sharon.

‘Honestly, knowing that there was no game this week I thought we would have a nice Sunday together, just me and the kids. But no, John, in a manic state started murmuring around 10am about how the g-d Bills better not lose this week and how he’s still not over that bs catch at the end of last week’s game. I told him ‘ain’t no game this week John.’ He just looked at me and said ‘Quiet woman!’ Now, he’s just got QVC on and he’s shouting about how there’s no way those knifes can cut through that. I’m very worried about him.

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