Twins End Partnership With Red Wings After Realizing Team Was Not in Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester, NY – It was announced this week that The Minnesota Twins MLB Franchise was ending its partnership with The Rochester Red Wings, who have been their Triple-A affiliate since 2003.

The news became official after Twins’ General Manager Thad Levine decided he was going to spend a day last week in Rochester visiting with the team’s management. Thad reportedly left his office in Minneapolis and took the 90-minute drive down to Rochester, MN only to discover, there was no baseball team there called The Rochester Red Wings.

Angered, Thad called his assistant General Manager and asked for an explanation. Assistant GM Rob Antony reportedly told him that the deal had been signed some 17 years ago and nobody ever thought to follow-up on it. We were able to reach Antony for comment, he told us “As God is my witness, I thought The Red Wings were in Rochester, MN.”

Red Wings owner Naomi Silver said “We thought it was odd that not a single person from the Twins ever showed up even once to check on us. Here we’d been changing our name to The Garbage Plates and doing all kinds of wacky stuff, just positive we’d eventually be told to stop by The Twins, but never a peep. Kinda makes sense, they never even knew we were here.”

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