Man Holding Fish In Facebook Photo Does Not Like Lovely Warren

Farmington, NY – Lovely Warren announced Thursday that she will be seeking re-election in the 2021 Rochester mayoral race. Her decision has been met with mixed feelings from people around the area, but none angrier than Greg Davidson.

Davidson, a 61-year-old Farmington resident, and apparent fishing enthusiast, has been vocal on Facebook about his disdain for Mayor Warren. “She’s destroying the city,” said Davidson, who is holding a 95 pound king salmon in his default picture. “She’s terrible. She’s a disgrace to the office.” 

Without offering any critique on Warren’s policies, Davidson went on a tirade, riddled with misinformation and grammatical errors, in the comments section of a Democrat and Chronicle article. When asked why he cares so much about the mayor of Rochester, seeing as he lives 20 miles away from the city, Davidson replied “I have a second cousin who lives in Irondequoit, and that’s a lot closer.”

At press time, Davidson has taken a break from online activism to harass Leticia Astacio with a troll account.

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