100 Foot Tall Dr. Mike Mendoza Fights Giant Coronavirus Monster in Downtown Rochester

Rochester, NY – Onlookers, quarantined in their homes, could only look on in horror as a giant coronavirus monster terrorized downtown Rochester.

The monster reportedly appeared out of thin air and began violently coughing on innocent bystanders standing six feet apart.   

“It was absolutely terrifying,” one survivor told the blog, “it didn’t even wash its hands before eating an entire RTS bus.”

Just as all seemed lost, Monroe County’s Commissioner of Public Health, Dr. Michael Mendoza arrived to save the day.

“Alright monster, it is time to make sure you practice social distancing… for good.” the 100 foot tall commissioner said as he snapped on his face mask.

The creature aggressively charged Dr. Mendoza but the commissioner skillfully maintained physical distance and swiftly blocked the monster’s attacks with his elbows.

Annoyed, the coronavirus monster started to deeply inhale as if it was preparing to unleash a massive upersonic viral sneeze. But the quick thinking doctor slipped a large testing swab deep in its nasal passage.

The stunned creature was defenseless as Dr. Mendoza stuck a large antiviral syringe into it’s left arm. The creature quickly began to shrink until it disappeared entirely.

Thunderous applause and enthusiastic cheers rang out  from the balconies and windows of Rochester’s quarantined residents. 

“Now that is what I call… flattening the curve.” The victorious Dr. Mendoza smugly said as he took off his single use gloves.

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