Bello Urges Citizens to Call Cops on Any Party Violating Social Distancing or Didn’t Invite Him

Rochester, NY – Monroe County Executive Adam Bello says social distancing is working to fight the spread of coronavirus locally but we can’t let up just yet. That’s why he is now asking citizens to call the police if they see any groups breaking the social distancing rules in Rochester.

Today, he doubled down on his call for police action when he comes to parties that he specifically has not been invited to.  A spokesman for the County Executive says “basically if it looks like everyone at the gathering is super cool, and they’re having a really great time, we want to make sure those get broken up fast for safety reasons and so Mr. Bello doesn’t feel left out.”

The spokesperson says this is especially pertinent for any Cinco de Mayo themed party because “Adam loves to smash a pinata.”


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