Rochester Residents Demand Re-Opening of Charlotte Beach Only to Have It Close Because It’s Gross

Rochester, NY – A large group of Rochester residents congregated at Charlotte Beach Park Sunday afternoon waving flags and carrying signs to protest the continued closure of the area’s beaches. The Inner Loop Blog was on the scene and spoke with some of the angry locals.

Inner Loop Blog: What do you hope to accomplish through this demonstration?

Richard Schickler 66 of Irondequoit: It’s our God-given right to enjoy the sandy shores of Lake Ontario.

IB: Do you enjoy Charlotte Beach?

RS: Hell No! It really yucks me out. But it’s the dang principal of the matter. If I want to wade into algae infested waters, brimming with bacteria I don’t want to be told I can’t. You understand? When my granddaughter splashes about in that murky cesspool we call a lake and gets covered in green goop, you know what I call that? FREEDOM GOOP!

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