Rochester’s Most Requested Wedding DJ Plays All-Gyrosphere Music

Rochester, NY – While the ride is no more, the music lives on. The anonymous DJ from SeaBreeze’s Gyrospehere recently started making himself available for weddings and InnerLoop insiders say he’s already booked through 2030.

If you’re amongst the many couples on his waiting list, we have good news. We have a leaked copy of the playlist he uses for weddings which you can just rent speaker and DIY.

Ceremony Music: “Fire on High” by ELO

Couple’s First Dance: “Twilight Zone” by 2 Unlimited

Reception: Mortal Kombat Techno Remix (Replay for 3-Hours)

If you can find a way to add strobe lights and teenagers spitting on strangers, you can recreate the ride at your very own wedding for cheap.

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