Local Man Cant Believe All That Dog Crap He Didn’t Pick-Up in the Winter Hasn’t Magically Disappeared

Rochester, NY- Warm weather, clear skies, and 40-degree weather has Rochesterians shouting for joy. One local Rochesterian man has some confusion about all of it. He doesn’t understand why his neighborhood is covered in dog poop. We spoke with him to see exactly what his thoughts were.

“Yeah, I just don’t understand it. I’m glad the snow is gone, but now it’s just piles of dog crap everywhere. I mean I took my dog out all the time, I didn’t pick up his dookie because I thought that the snow took care of it. I was also being considered of the environment, I’m currently avoiding plastic bags of any sort and responsibility of any kind. I just don’t get why the snow didn’t take care of it? Doesn’t it melt away with everything else? Either way, I’m still committed to being green and refusing to pick up my dog’s doo-doo.”

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