Confused Bills Fans Burn Sandra Bullock DVDs After Questionable Blindside Block Penalty

Buffalo, NY – Buffalo Bills fans are not too happy with the NFL referees after a questionable Blindside Block call knocked them out of field goal range in overtime and eventually led to their elimination from the playoffs.

“What a shitty call,” said one Bills fan on Twitter while offering no context for the social media post and getting no likes or retweets on the post.

The InnerLoop’s Football Expert Tad McClintaw says “if you really want to understand the penalty against Cody Ford you need to look at the rule as it’s written.”

So we did.

The NFL Blindside Block rule states: “It is now prohibited for a blocker to initiate forcible contact with his head, shoulder or forearm when his path is toward or parallel to his own end line or for any Buffalo Bills team to advance when we could make more money with bigger market teams in the playoffs.”


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