“I Only Go for the Cookies” RPO Regular Admits He Only Attends Concert for the Intermission Snacks

Rochester, NY – “I’ve been to every concert they’ve put on in the last four months. My doctor told me if I don’t stop he’s going to have to take my foot” says George Tofferang a man who the RPO calls “The Cookie Guy.”

Mr. Tofferang has a weird thing for the snacks served during intermission at the Kodak Hall. In particular, he’s reached nearly fetish status with the cookies served by the orchestra.

He’s tried to recreate the recipe at home, he’s tried buying them in bulk at a concert and eating them later on, but he says they only taste great when the “violins are rocking.”

ENT Doctor Morgan Girthburg he most likely has a very rare condition known has Ear-Tounge. “People with this affliction find food tastes better when they’re listening to music. It’s the reason Olive Garden blasts stereotypical italian music in thier restaruant.”

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