Warm 101.3 and Mix 100.5 Djs Will Fight to the Death for Title of “Rochester’s Christmas Music Station”

Rochester, NY – The terms have been set, the weapons have been chosen, and now the title of “Rochester’s Christmas Station” will finally be had by one station, and one station only.

This weekend DJs from Warm 101.3 and Mix 100.5 will meet at Parcel 5 to fight to the death for the right to play Christmas music in this city.

Warm 101.3 is the early favorite’s amongst Vegas odds due to the scrappy Pat Rivers from the Lunchtime Cafe who is expected to be serving up a lot of knuckle sandwiches during the battle. Rumors are every neck he breaks on the battlefield will be “brought to you by Salvatores.”

“The Mayor Pete Kennedy is the best hope for Mix 100.5 if they want to survive this fight,” says retired military commander Brett Donaldson. “He’ll have to get dirty and call in some ‘mayoral’ favors if they want to stand a chance. I’m talking some grassy knoll type of favors.”

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