Rochester Inventor Fined For His “One Pass Snow Blower”

Rochester, NY – After spending his entire life in the lake effect snow, Rochester Inventor Ricky Mortay was tired of spending hours clearing his driveway. “There had to be a better way.”

After years of tinkering in his garage, Mortay was able to build a working model of the “Lazy F***er Snow Chucker.” A one-pass snowblower of his own design.

“Every time I’ve snowblowed it took forever. I felt like I was mostly spraying the snow to the spot I just blew. No more! With this guy, I turn it on, do one walk down the driveway, and then I’m done.”

Unfortunately, Mortay’s neighbors were not as excited as the inventor for his oversized tool. A 911 recording obtained by The InnerLoop Blog has one neighbor claiming “it sounds like Chernobyl over here goddamnit. I thought we were under attack when he fired that thing up.”

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