Main Street Armory Offers Smallpox Blankets To Concert Attendants Waiting Outside

ROCHESTER, NY – In an effort to curb complaints from concert goers frustrated by the long wait to get inside for concerts, MSA management has offered to provide blankets for those waiting in the cold. The fact that these blankets are definitely laced with the same disease used to wipe out Native Americans is just something you have to deal with if you want to be warm during the hour wait outside for a Journey concert.

“We’ve heard all of the complaints with our venue, be it the price of bud light being $9, no air conditioning during the summer that makes it a sweat lodge during a Godsmack concert, and most of all people who are frustrated by having to wait an hour outside in 0 degree weather because we only hire 2 people to work the door. Here’s some lightly used, lightly diseased blankets we found behind The Salvation Army, hopefully this will alleviate some stress for y’all” said Armory Operator and butt chugging enthusiast, Randy Bandiddle.


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