I.T. Tech Suggests Turning Greece, NY Off and On again

Greece, NY – Citing a number of growing concerns such as “being the worst” and “more potholes than the actual road” a local I.T. technician suggested if we could potentially solve the problems plaguing Greece, NY by simply turning the town off and on again.

“Sometimes when problems like these arise, the simplest solution is just a hard reset, let the system start over fresh” Said Hinkle Doonsbury, The City’s head of I.T.

“Once a number of problems start to arise such as “everyone you went to high school with do coke and heroin now” and “they keep trying to open restaurants across Latta and Long Pond that close after 2 months”

The best option is simply to reset the town entirely and turn it back on and hope that it is no longer a straight-up worthless stretch of suburban houses and strip malls no one cares about.

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