Neighbor’s New Garbage Can Looks Exactly like Another Neighbor’s Old One That Blew Away in Windstorm

Rochester NY – Western NY has been dealing with high winds this week and it seems as though some people are taking advantage of the situation.

Harold Greensburg is accusing Danielle Grumsfort of stealing his garbage can that blew away from his house yesterday. “I have to give it to her for being completely shameless. I mean we’re next-door neighbors, how did she think I wouldn’t notice?” says Greensburg.

“I didn’t steal anything. God sent me this can. Clearly, Harold was mistreating it and the Lord sent it to me to fill with my delicious garbage” says Grumsfort.

In a related note, Buffalo NY has asked Rochester NY to come pick up all the recycling bins that blew into their town like “a f***ing murderous tumble-weed with flower logos on them.”


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