“What Are These Flashing Lights?” City in Panic After Driver Actually Uses Blinker

ROCHESTER, NY – Today marks the first time in Rochester history that a driver downtown actually used their blinker to indicate that they are turning.

The driver was turning right onto East Main, turned on their blinker about a block away to warn other drivers on the road that they would be turning soon, and than made the turn at a reasonable speed after yielding to pedestrians.

“Nobody had ever seen the blinker before so they all started to panic. They thought we were under attack. It was chaos” said one on-looker.

The Mayor will be giving the anonymous driver the Rochester Nobel Prize for Not Driving Like A Piece Of Trash.

It was last awarded in 1845 to a man who successfully originally parked his Model-T in a bike lane but moved it after realizing that it was a total dick move.

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