Bazookas and Beers Bar Opens, Because Why Not

ROCHESTER, NY – “F*** it. Let’s just do it”, were the words of John Albanese as he signed the final documents to open the world’s first Bazookas and Beers bar in East Rochester, a bar and grilll restaurant that offers customers a chance to have a hearty meal and shoot rocket-propelled grenade launchers and bazookas.

“Who doesn’t want to have a brew and shoot projectiles? No other venue is offering a chance to test your skill with military grade artillery in a controlled environment in a competitive target shooting game. Also, our wing boss sauce recipe is the bomb!”

Albanese invented a game where patrons must use their skills to knock down a pyramid of glass milk bottles in as few shots as possible. Thus far in the restaurant tournament, there is a 16-way tie for first place. When asked if he feared people might be injured by the bazookas, He assured me that he takes all precautions to ensure a safe environment: absolutely no open toe shoes. He also added that there are plenty of more dangerous things in a bar than the bazookas. “I’ve never seen a bazooka roofie a drink.”

To this date, there have been no instances of bazookas or grenade launchers illicitly drugging anyone’s drink.

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