Study Shows You’re Not Mad At Judge Astacio, You’re Mad At Your Dad.

ROCHESTER, NY – After much research by respected people of science in the field of being angry online, it has been determined that you, the reader of many inflammatory media headlines about defunct Judge Astacio and never the articles, are actually just pissed off at your dads.

Studies have shown that you’re not infuriated with her wanting to run for city council at all. It’s actually just the fact your dad never really told you he cared about you in any meaningful way as a child.

The end result of this study is that Judge Leticia Astacio never had any real affect on your life whatsoever and is actually just a person the media uses to bait the most gullible citizens into a rage that could only really be cultivated by a lack of a father figure in your life. Also a lot of you are probably racist.

F*** you dad!

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