Attorney General redacts section of Mueller Report with Boss Sauce’s Secret Recipe

Washington D.C. – The majority of Americans and Democrats are demanding that Attorney General William Barr release them the nearly 400-page Mueller report without redactions. But the A.G. says he refuses to release the report without first redacting classified U.S. sources, confidential details about ongoing investigations, and the Secret Boss Sauce recipe.

How did the Rochester based Gourmet After-Sauce get tied into the Trump Campaign Russian Collusion investigation? The Innerloop Blog reached out to our Washington insiders for the scoop.

“The secret recipe was floated to Donald Trump Jr. in the Trump Tower meeting. Everyone wants to talk about the Russian offering dirt on Hillary Clinton but nobody talks about them also offering the exact ratios of red pepper flakes, vinegar, and other tasty spices that go into that heavenly sauce” says Schooner McGrooty our Washington insider from the DC Inner Loop.
No one knows for sure whether the Trump’s exchanged anything money for the secret recipe but the rumor is that they wanted to fill an entire hot tub with the ripe-off Boss Sauce in the Moscow Trump Tower.

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