Local Child Who Played “Sheep #2” In Christmas Pageant Gets Surprise Tony Award Nomination

ROCHESTER, NY – “He’s simply been sublime. The performance of a lifetime! It’s great that he’s getting recognition for this incredible work” said Sister Mary Catherine who is in charge of this year’s Nativity Play at Rochester’s St. Tony’s Episcopal Chruch & Hots.

“All week he’s been eating grass, going to the bathroom outside, and his mother told me she found him in the bathroom shaving his entire body, At first I thought, man this kid is a bit special but then I realized he’s a method actor. He’s been in Sheep #2 character this entire month.”

Skylar will face stiff competition at this year’s Tony’s, but the 5-year-old has told The InnerLoop Blog that he hopes to win it, unlike “that big fat stinky-butt” John Lithgow, a fellow Rochester thespian, who has only been nominated for a Tony and never won “like a big old poopy pants.”

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