Rochester Meteorologist fired for accidentally saying 100% accurate forecast

ROCHESTER, NY – Rochester media professionals were shocked today to find that local meteorologist Daniel Stormy had been fired from his position at a prominent news station after accidentally letting slip a 100% accurate forecast LIVE on-air last weekend.

“It’s a rule in weather broadcasting that you never actually give a truly accurate prediction, it sets a bad precedent,” said Meteorologist Professor Tim Raines. “People will expect you to be accurate all the time. It’s a real hassle.”

Mr. Raines went on the tell The Inner Loop Blog that behind the scenes, weathermen and weatherwomen are able to predict weather up to a year in advance with pinpoint accuracy but only share the information with there closest relatives.

“They fired Stormy to keep that secret so don’t tell anyone I told you that, definitely don’t put this on your stupid blog” he continued.

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