New Rochester Food Truck Called “F*** You” Just Serving Kale

ROCHESTER, NY – The Rochester food truck scene has a new entrant vying for the fickle consumers looking for a trendy bite to eat at the local festivals this summer.

“F*** You” will be offering kale harvested from local farms for $7 per leaf of kale. The kale will be served with a side of kale and an artisan plate made from recycled kale. You can also order a kale salad with kale dressing on your kale.

Owner and operator Glarby Kinzillington made his mission statement very clear for potential customers. “We just want everyone to enjoy the most basic and healthy aspects of kale. Our name speaks for itself. Go f*** yourself and eat some kale. Then go to the toast truck and put some kale on your $10 toast you dumb piece of shit.”

The reception to this new truck has been positive among people with whom you would never want to have a conversation. “This is awesome. I’m so happy we can finally enjoy fresh, organic kale instead of all these other options that are food and aren’t kale. I tried to suck my own dick last night.”

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