Man “Going Through Something” Unwittingly Completes Restaurant’s Eating Challenge

Rochester, NY – Outside of Tommy’s Steakhouse there is a sign with big bold letters that reads: “EAT 15 PLATES OF MASHED POTATOES AND GET YOUR FACE ON OUR TATER HOG HALL OF FAME!”

Unfortunately, Carl Bottsford of Irondequoit did not see it before he sat at his table for one.

Mr. Bottsford’s first divorce finally went through this week and in an effort to “eat his feelings” Carl decided to drown himself in creamy, delicious, mashed potatoes.

“When I was feeling sad, my mom would make me my favorite food, mashed potatoes. She isn’t with us anymore but the Mashy Tate-tates at Tommy’s are the closest I could find to her recipe” Carl told

“We set the 15 Plate of Potatoes eating contest years ago because we never thought anyone would would want to eat that much. We’ve even had some fat irishmen in here that have failed” said Tommy of Tommy’s Steakhouse racistly.

After eating 22 total plates of Mashed Potatoes, Carl Bottsofrd has his picture taken by the restaurant staff while they sang their celebratory “You’re A Tater Hog!” song.

“It was embarrassing” said Mr. Bottsford. “I have been eating gallons of taters at home now due to anxiety it has caused me.”


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