Flavor Flav: “F*** Wegmans and Tyler The Creator Tops is the Best Rochester Grocery Store”

Rochester, NY – Rapper/Hypeman Flavor Flav weighed in on the battle between Tops and Wegmans while performing in Rochester last night. The Public Enemy star threw his vote behind Tops, in a mostly inaudible but full throated endorsement, as best grocery store in the area with his main point being that, “they don’t care if you smoke in there”.

The concert took place last night to a raucous crowd of mostly wait staff in Ball Room 3B of The Diplomat Party house in Gates.  That’s where Flavor Flav put his full support behind the bankrupt super market stating that, “you can get 10 pop-tarts for 10 bucks in that motha f***a… and the flavor flaaaaaaaaaav ain’t bad neither.”

“He was kind of in an out of consciousness throughout the entire night,” explained Stacy Benson who attended last night’s concert with her family.  “A lot about how the lettuce is really old and it reminded him of ‘Dat ass on Delicious’”.

At press time reports show that Webster grocery store Hegedorns has been in talks with DMX and The Ruff Ryders about a possible endorsement deal for their Spring quarter.

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