“My Bad” says GOD: Discovers Decade of Post-Shooting ‘Thought & Prayers’ in Spam Folder

ROCHESTER, NY – God is apologizing to all creation as she found that 10 years worth of “thought & prayers” from shootings have been going directly into her spam folder.

“My G-Mail account must have marked them as junk since there is so many all the time. G-Mail stands for God Mail by the way. I don’t trust Google with my info” God told The Inner Loop Blog.

It’s hard to let God slide on this one (or for pain, suffering, and the ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl) but we can understand how there could be a mix up. We spoke to The Inner Loop’s technology expert Sebastian Thomas. Sebastian is one of our writer’s nephews that got the job because he seems hip and “in-touch” with internets.

Sebastian mansplained to us that the sheer volume of “thought & prayers” from a single mass shooting would be enough to trigger God’s spam filter. But when you factor in that there is a mass shooting in America nearly everyday “you might as be mixing together questionable Ham bits with water and starch because that’s the exact recipe for SPAM.”

God hopes to rectify the situation soon but we have doubts.

When the deity was leaving The Inner Loop we noticed both a “Dont Tread On Me” and N.R.A. bumper stickers on her flaming chariot.

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